The Phantom CISO

The Book

The Phantom CISO manages cybersecurity risk and programs without the official title of a CISO.

This book offers a practical and comprehensive approach to becoming successful cybersecurity leaders, whether starting in the industry or aspiring to become a great Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This guide provides valuable insights to enhance your journey.

The Blog

This blog aims to serve as a valuable resource for cybersecurity professionals by complementing the ideas presented in the book. In addition, it provides a platform for us to share valuable tips, insights, and perspectives that can help readers enhance their knowledge and skills in cybersecurity.

The blog is designed to offer quick references and practical guidance that can be applied in real-world situations. Whether discussing technical issues or business-related concerns, the blog's articles provide actionable advice to help readers improve their security posture and protect their organizations from cyber threats. Moreover, the blog is specifically tailored to be helpful for the Phantom CISO.

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