Mishaal Khan
Mishaal Khan vCISO, Ethical Hacker, Privacy Consultant, OSINT Investigator

Book Launch

Book Launch

The long-awaited arrival of The Phantom CISO has come after 2+ years of unwavering commitment and hard work. This book is an amalgamation of two decades of cybersecurity know-how, serving as a practical guide on how to achieve the position of a cybersecurity leader; A CISO. It offers real-life examples, actionable steps, and practical advice that are relevant to all current and aspiring CISOs, as well as insights into the authors’ accomplishments and setbacks, demonstrating how readers can apply their own experiences to their careers.

This book is a priceless asset to anyone seeking to make their career aspirations a reality.

What is a Phantom CISO?

The Phantom CISO manages cybersecurity risk and programs without the official title of a CISO.


This book includes chapters that discuss: roles, responsibilities, various paths, what a CISO is and is not, power, influence, types, technical skills, business skills, the human network, imposter syndrome, compensation, insecurities, supply/demand, mentorship, self-promotion, career planning, and predictions to name a few.

We hope you will benefit from this great source of knowledge and share it with others to benefit the broader cybersecurity community.

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